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Subsystem Integrated Box-Level Rugged Electronics Products

Mountain Secure Systems' (MSS') expertise in data handling, ruggedization and development to customer specification has taken us into many different avenues of rugged subsystem integration and rugged box-level electronic products. We have extensive experience integrating storage components with single board computers, adaptors, power supplies, cooling and heating systems, converters, backplanes, mil spec connectors and custom software in many different custom and standard form factors.

MSS is able to work with various interfaces, such as SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel and SCSI. MSS can develop VPX, VME, cPCI and custom form-factored products. MSS has extensive software integration experience with Linux and Windows. MSS is also able to integrate commercial standard interfaces, as well as military connections like 38999.

A small cross section of MSS rugged subsystem products include:

  • An LRU storage and recording system for a military application that contains 1x VPX SBC, 1x Power Supply, custom VPX backplane, 1000 Base Optical Ethernet Transceiver PCBA, as well as 4x 128GB SSD units for storing mission data in an operational environment of -40CF to +71C. The MIL-STD-461F compliant 28VDC designed chassis is Liquid (Glycol/Water) cooled. MSS developed the entire software package to customer specification using Linux as the O/S. Each SSD unit is easily removable using levered wedge locks that also incorporate a 100,000 cycle blind mate connector. The only external interconnects from the military LRU are for Ethernet and Power. MTBF numbers exceeded stringent program requirements. The entire liquid conduction cooled chassis is built at our Longmont facility.

  • A network-attached Flyable Data Loader (FDL). This design and development was done by MSS, including all the Windows-based software and qualification to full DO-160. The design incorporates a Blu-Ray drive, SBC, Power Supply and ECS (Environmental Control System). The purpose of the unit is to allow automatic data offload from either a USB or Blu-Ray disk in the aircraft cabin to a server located in the Electronics Bay.

  • A conduction-cooled 2 slot 6U VME system. The unit houses two removable sealed 128GB SATA SSD units that mount via levered wedge locks. This allows for easy removability of just the storage modules, without removing the entire 6U VME card. This design will also be qualified to the harshest of military environments.

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