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Aerospace Electronics & Rugged Avionics Solutions

Mountain Secure Systems (MSS) works hand in hand with the major systems integrators, such as Rockwell Collins, Panasonic Avionics and Lufthansa, to provide customized DO-160 qualified data storage at very low price points.

In addition, MSS has expanded offerings from data storage into data handling and delivery. Various iterations of the MSS network-attached Flyable Data Loader are flying throughout the world, allowing quick and easy one or no touch content transfer to the aircraft. With these products, as well as contract builds of customer designed servers, MSS has demonstrated capabilities at subsystem integration to customer specification using various single board computers, power supplies, host bus adaptors, backplanes and custom Linux- and Windows-based software. By combining our wireless network technology, MSS also brings cabin connectivity and aircraft-to- gate connectivity to in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems.

MSS matches solutions to customer requirements, starting from deign and development, through qualification, production, delivery and long-term support. MSS brings expertise starting anywhere in the process, like contract manufacturing or legacy systems support where we can supply end-of-life (EOL) solutions. These include bonded stores of EOL hardware or conversion of newer technologies and interfaces to work with technologies and interfaces no longer supported in the marketplace.

MSS also provides rugged solutions to many markets where commercial electronics and computing is too fragile to work without additional packaging to protect from shock, vibration, temperature extremes, humidity, altitude, dust, etc. Industries and applications, such as oil explorations, mining, aerial mapping, police, emergency services, security and rail, are all able to leverage MSS expertise in rugged electronics packaging to bring low cost solutions to tough problems.

Current Programs:

Customer: Rockwell Collins Cabin Systems
Project: Digital Programmable Audio Video Entertainment System (dPAVES)
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The Rockwell Collins digital Programmable Audio Video Entertainment System (dPAVES™) is a broadcast overhead video and in-seat audio system that enables airlines to continuously improve the passenger experience. Business and recreational travelers can relax while enjoying high-definition, in-flight entertainment in the sky. At the same time, the system's compact footprint, light weight and maintenance features help minimize your cost of ownership.

To learn more about the dPAVES Program, click here.

Customer: Panasonic Avionics
Project: X Series eFX
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eFX is fully digital system to modernize your analog systems delivering the same entertainment, connectivity, and productivity tools in a sleek, single-aisle package.

To learn more about the eFX Program, click here.

Customer: Rockwell Collins Cabin Systems
Project: Enhanced Total Entertainment System (eTES)
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Experience the next generation of in-seat video for twin aisle aircraft with the enhanced Total Entertainment System (eTES™) from Rockwell Collins. The eTES enables your passengers to enjoy Audio and Video On Demand (AVOD) and interactive features on 8" to 17" seat displays with the same high-speed network connectivity they experience at home and in the office.

To learn more about the eTES Program, click here.

Customer: Rockwell Collins Cabin Systems
Project: Airshow 4200 Moving Maps
Background Data
The Rockwell Collins' Airshow 4200 deliver real-time flight information in a rich multimedia format that allows passengers to be kept informed and connected en route to their destination. Based on actual satellite imagery, utilizing NASA's Blue Marble Map data, passengers can enjoy extensive features, details maps and true to life renditions, delivering unparallel 3D realism.

To learn more about the Airshow Moving Map Program, click here.

Customer: Rockwell Collins Communications and Networks
Project: Core Network ISC-2200 Information Services Cabinet
Background Data
The Rockwell Collins (ISC-2200) is a highly integrated and ruggedized electronics cabinet that houses ARINC 763 and ARINC 664 functionality into a single enclosure. Using commercial open standards, ISC-2200 hosts a wide range of third-party applications and manages on-board information flow to improve airline operational efficiency. We've included the necessary file servers, routers and avionics interfaces in a single cabinet, with growth blade slots for your future functionality enhancements.

To learn more about the Core Network Program, click here.


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