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Dolomite SATA Solid State Drive Modules Packed Storage System Specifications

The Dolomite Storage System is a liquid cooled, 3u VPX, ruggedized chassis with four Sealed Alp Series 128 Gigabyte, SATA Solid State Drive modules packaged in a robust enclosure with a docking connector interface, an SBC (Single Board Computer), 28V power supply, and an optical to copper Ethernet board. It is capable of running multiple OS platforms, and providing health and diagnostic status.
Mountain Secure Systems’ expertise in data handling, ruggedization, and development to customer specification has taken the company past simply packaging mass memory products into many different avenues of subsystem integrated box level electronic products. MSS has extensive experience integrating storage components with single board computers, adaptors, power supplies, cooling and heating systems, converters, backplanes, mil spec connectors, and custom software in many different custom and standard form factors.

Dolomite SATA Solid State Drive Modules Packed Storyage System Specifications

Size 281.2mm x 200.4mm x 194.0mm
Weight 9.66 kg or 21.3 lbs
Power Boot up 53W
Read/write operations 48W
Maximum calculated—all 4 drives performing secure erase 81W
Connectors MIL-DTL-38999 Power and Ethernet
Ethernet Two gigabit Ethernet Optical Channels
Single Board Computer (SBC) Intel core 2 duo processor to 1.8 GHz, 3U VPX
Conduction, 4GB ECC DDR2 SDRAM, 4GB NAND
Flash, I2C for system environmental monitoring, PMC and XMC interface for expandability available
Two x4 PCI express interconnects, up to 6 SATA ports, RS-232, USB, GPIO
Read Performance Reading transfer rate up to 100MB/s
Write Performance Writing transfer rate up to 70MB/s
Operational Temperature (Using EGW Mix) -40C to +80C
Storage Temperature (Using EGW Mix) -40C to +85C
Coolant Connections Various connections available per customer specification
Altitude (Feet) -1,300 to +80,000
Operational Shock 20g 11 ms half sine
Operational Vibration .05g^2/Hz, 20 to 2000 Hz random vibration for 30 minutes per IEC 60068-2-64
EMI CS101, 30 Hz to 150 kHz, MIL-STD-461
CS114, 10 kHz to 200MHz, MIL-STD-461, Army ground limits
CS116, 10 kHz to 100 MHz
CE102, per MIL-STD-461, relaxed 10dB
RS103 electric field, at 50V/m, 2 MHz to 18 GHz, MIL-STD-46
RE102, MIL-STD-461, Army Ground Enviornment, relaxed 20dB
Drive Interface SATA interface protocol with data transfer rate of 1.5 Gbps (150 MB/s)
Diagnostics Continuous diagnostic testing during operation via Ethernet channels
Thermal Shutdown Automatic shutdown for hardware protection when temperatures exceed operational specification
Battle Short Commands accepted via Ethernet to prevent automatic shutdown due to thermal protection
Sanitization Available erase/sanitization algorithms include:
Army AR 380-19
DoD NISPOM 5220.22-M
DoD NISPOM 5220.22-M Sup 1
Navy NAVSO P-5239-26
NSA/CSS 130-2
NSA/CSS 9-12
Startup Within 60 seconds
Shutdown Within 30 seconds
LRU Components Removable VPX Wedge Lock LRUs:
Four sealed Alp Series, 128 gigabyte, SATA Solid State Drive modules with 100,000 cycle connectors
Single board computer
Power Supply
LRU Built In Test (BIT) Provides Built-In Test (BIT) status for each LRU

Dolomite SATA Solid State Drive Modules Packed Storyage System

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Dolomite Storage System Dimensions


MSS Dolomite SATA Solid State Drive Modules Packaged Storage System


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