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Rugged Hard Drive Packaging Solutions for Custom & COTS Drives

Nobody understands the critical details of ruggedizing hard drives better than Mountain Secure Systems (MSS).

The most critical step in ruggedizing a disk drive is to employ a proven sealed design to protect against harsh environmental elements, including the negative effects on head-flying height caused by altitude and pressure variations encountered during flight. Unfortunately, many OEMs who tout having "sealed" technology only protect you from contamination, but little else.

Sealed rugged hard drives from MSS have a phenomenal track record of performing flawlessly in adverse conditions where extreme temperature, altitude, humidity and condensation, shock and vibration, explosive decompression, dust and dirt are elements of concern. How do we offer this superior protection? MSS utilizes a time-tested, hermetically-sealed enclosure for all its rugged hard drive solutions. The hermetic sealing is achieved utilizing a proprietary technique from MSS that allows for the drives to be robust, yet does not significantly affect their size or weight. This innovative design was first deployed for space shuttle missions back in the 80s and has since been successfully adapted for thousands of commercial and military applications.

The entire system – drives, electronics, heating and cooling – is contained within a robust hermetic enclosure that is sealed to maintain a dry environment. Isolation systems, to protect against shock and vibration, are typically added outside the sealed enclosure to keep size and weight down, while allowing for easy customization of the standard enclosure to the particulars of the application.

Simply put: MSS will provide you with a proven solution that meets your specific needs, whether that means significant customization or a cost-effective COTS product. Nobody understands sealed rugged hard drives better than MSS.

Alp Rugged, Solid State and Magnetic Hard Drive Series

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Cascade Rugged, Removable Solid State and Magnetic Hard Drives Series

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